Dear users, please read the following service agreement before use. Using this application means that you agree to accept this agreement. This agreement has legal effect. Read carefully.

These Terms and Privacy Policy and all policies and guidelines are incorporated herein by reference and constitute a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) between you and EzPiano with respect to your use of the Services, so please read them carefully. The current valid version of the agreement is available on the EzPiano website.

1. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

These User Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “these “Terms of Service”) are jointly concluded by the user (hereinafter referred to as “you”) and EzPiano Limited (hereinafter referred to as “us”). Unless you have read and accepted all the contents of this “Terms of Service”, you are not authorized to use our products and services, and your use of our products and services is deemed that you have read and agreed to sign these “Terms of Service”.

2. Changes and Modifications to the Terms of Service

The company reserves the right to revise the terms of service when necessary. Once the terms of service are changed, the revised content will be prompted on important pages. If you do not agree with the changed content, the user can give up the information service of this application. If the user continues to enjoy the information services of this application, it is deemed to have accepted the changes to the terms of service. This application reserves the right to modify or interrupt the service at any time without notifying the user. This application exercises the right to modify or interrupt the service, and is not responsible for users or third parties.

3. User Behavior

  • User ID, Password and Security

Once the user has successfully registered, he will become a legal user of the company and will get a password and account number. At the same time, this account and password can log in to all the web pages and APPs of the company. Therefore, users should take reasonable measures to maintain the security of their passwords and accounts. The user is fully responsible for all activities carried out by using the password and account; any loss or damage caused by such activities shall be borne by the user, and the company shall not be held responsible. If the user’s password and account are used without authorization or any other security problems occur, the user can immediately notify the company, and the user should terminate the account after each connection, otherwise the user may The security protection of our company is not available. For accounts that have not been used by users for a long time, the company has the right to close and cancel their content.

  • Prohibited Behaviors During Account Registration
  • Do not register with the real name, font size, stage name, or pseudonym of party and state leaders or other social celebrities;

(2) Impersonate any person or institution, or falsely or misrepresent a name related to any person or institution;

(3) Do not register a name that is similar to or similar to that of other netizens;

(4) Do not register uncivilized, unhealthy names, or names that contain discriminatory, insulting, obscene words;

(5) Do not register names that are likely to cause ambiguity and misunderstandings;

  • Users are not allowed to post the following illegal information and photos on this app:

(1) Those who oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(2) Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

(3) Damage to national honor and interests;

(4) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, or undermining ethnic unity;

(5) Undermining the state’s religious policy and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;

(6) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and undermining social stability;

(7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigating crimes;

(8) Insulting or slandering others, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;

(9) Contains other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations;

(10) Prohibit harassing, defaming, threatening, imitating other users of the website;

(11) It is strictly forbidden to incite illegal assemblies, associations, parades, demonstrations, and gatherings to disrupt social order;

(12) It is strictly forbidden to publish files or information that may impair the rights and interests of third parties, such as (including but not limited to): virus codes, hack programs, software cracking registration information.

(13) It is forbidden to upload other people’s works. This includes the work of others that you download, screenshot or collect from the Internet;

(14) It is prohibited to upload web images such as advertisements, banners, and logos;

4. Effective

We will do our best to ensure that our app and app content are readily available for download and use. However, our Apps and App Content are provided over the Internet and mobile networks, so their operation and availability may be affected by factors beyond our control at any time for any reason. We do not guarantee that the use of or access to our App or App Content will always be available and/or uninterrupted.

5. Conditions of use

1. In return for your agreement to abide by these terms, you may:

(a) download our App to your device and view, use and display our App on your device, but only for your personal purposes;

(b) as permitted by these Terms, use any relevant documentation to support the use of our Application;

(c) receive software code updates for our apps through our app store (from which you download our apps) – these updates may contain patches and bug corrections that we may make available to you.

2. Your right to use our app belongs to you personally, and you may not transfer our app to anyone else for any reason. If you sell or give away any device with our app installed, you must first remove our app from it.

3. The way you use our apps may also be governed by the terms of the app store where you download our apps. In the event of a conflict between these terms and the app store terms of your download of our app, the app store terms of your download of our app shall prevail.

6. End of Service

The user may suspend the website service at any time according to the actual situation. If the user objects to any suggestion of the terms of service or has any objection to the subsequent modification of the terms, or is dissatisfied with the user services of EzPiano, the user can only terminate the service with EzPiano in the following ways, and EzPiano does not assume any additional responsibility:

no longer use the EzPiano user service;
Terminate the user’s eligibility to use the EzPiano service;
After the end of the user service, the user’s right to use the EzPiano service is immediately suspended. Since then, EzPiano no longer has any obligations to users.

7. Content uploaded or published

User-uploaded content refers to the video or any other content uploaded or published by the user in the company, including text, pictures, audio, etc. Unless the company receives relevant notices, the company considers the user as the copyright owner of the content uploaded or published on this application. As the publisher of the content, you are responsible for the published content, and the publisher of the content shall bear all legal and joint responsibility for all disputes arising from the published content. The company does not assume any legal and joint liability.

For the content transmitted through this application, the company does not guarantee the aforementioned legality, legitimacy, accuracy, completeness or quality. Users may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate or objectionable content while using the app. Under no circumstances shall our company be liable for any content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any content and any resulting loss or damage. The Company has the right (but not the obligation) to refuse or delete any content provided through the App in its sole discretion.

If an individual or unit believes that the company has content that infringes on their legitimate rights and interests, they should prepare proof materials with legal effect, and get in touch with the company in a timely manner, so that the company can deal with it quickly.

8. Fees

1. Once you have installed our app, you can choose the subscription you want in order to use each app. Subscriptions are available on a weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime basis, further details of each type of subscription and its cost are detailed on the app.

2. App content is available through in-app purchases.

All transactions between you and us are handled through the app store where you download the app.

9. Application Content

1. App content may include trademarked or copyrighted material owned by us or third parties. App content includes images, logos, music, photo and video content that are part of our app. The term “Application Content” also includes any portion of any Application Content, or any collection, deviation, manipulation, modification, screen printing or reproduction, or derivative work based on or including any Application Content.

2. The app content can only be used as part of our app, not independently.

10. Intellectual Property

All worldwide intellectual property rights in our apps, app content and related documentation belong to us and our licensors, and the rights in our apps are licensed (not sold) to you. You do not have any intellectual property rights in these applications or related documents other than the right to use our applications or related documents in accordance with these terms.

11. Advertising and Monetization

You acknowledge that our App and App Content may be supported by advertising revenue, and we may place advertising, promotional or sponsored content on, or in connection with, App Content on our App. You acknowledge that we may not always identify advertising, promotions and sponsored content and that the manner, pattern and scope of such advertising, promotions and sponsored content may change without notice to you. We may, at our sole discretion, offer the ability to remove ads for a fee through the settings menu in the app.

The email address is:

12. Your Privacy

1. We only use any personal data you collect through the use of our app in the manner set out in our Privacy Policy, which you can find here.

2. Please note that Internet transmissions are never completely private or secure, and any message or information you send using our app may be read or intercepted by others, even if there is a special statement that a particular transmission is encrypted.